About us

Our scientific and industrial complex – “SKTB Katalizator” - has been successfully working and developing in Siberia for over 40 years. During that time being ahead of Russian catalyst producing companies “SKTB Katalizator” has learnt to solve any task of industrial catalysis from scientific ideas, catalysts, sorbents and commercial production technologies up to large scale manufacturing and commercialization of high performance modern products.

Primary business areas:

  • Development of catalysts, adsorbents, and supports manufacturing technologies for different processes of chemical, petrochemical, and other industries;
  • Production of pilot and commercial batches of catalysts, supports, and adsorbents with the total capacity of over 5 000 tons a year;
  • Wide variety of products for environmental protection from industrial wastes and exhausts.

Our business segments:

  • Environmental catalysts and adsorbents to purify industrial exhaust gases from volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur containing compounds, ozone, and other admixtures including those specially designed for foreign consumers;
  • Catalysts for petrochemical processes, such as catalysts for dehydrogenation of light paraffin to olefins and other products;
  • Catalysts for elementary sulfur acquisition including catalysts for Claus process and their protection from sulfating and for selective hydrogen sulfide oxidation into sulfur;
  • Catalysts  for nitrogen industry (nitric acid production, production of hydroxymethyl amine sulfate in caprolactam  production);
  • Organic synthesis catalysts for base chemistry products, hydrogen formation, aniline synthesis;Catalyst for low temperature conversion of CO by water steam;
  • Olefins polymerization catalysts;
  • Alumina supports, adsorbents and dryers of different phase structure, geometric forms, and size including microspherical.

Our partners are more than 100 companies catalysts consumers in Russia, CIS countries, USA, Germany, Italy, Canada, China, and other countries all over the world.