Our approach to business

Frankly speaking our winning formula is simple:

  • high professionalism;
  • a wealth of experience and profound scientific knowledge;
  • competent and effective production technologies application;
  • reliability and transparency in business relations.

Besides with a perfect quality management system and feedback from our customers we acquired a deserved and steady demand for our products.

We grow along with our clients and partners helping their production facilities develop and function effectively. The number of our customers has long ago exceeded 100 and is still growing. Chemical, petrochemical, refinery plants and companies, companies of nitrogen, pharmaceutical, and other industries in Russia, CIS, China, UAE, Europe, and USA are among them.

We constantly improve our catalysts, adsorbents, supports in tight cooperation with our customers using both our own technological developments and innovations and know-how and researches of our scientific partners.

Active and thorough work in the field of environmental catalysts and adsorbents has allowed us to take up an advanced position in business which in practice helps our customers decrease the effect on the environment.

An advanced management system, solid scientific and technological experience, possibility of  the product line diversification according to the customers’ needs, transparency in docflow and relationships let us state that cooperation with “SKTB Katalizator” is and will be secure and stable.