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23.01.2018  Advanced Invention

Under resolution of the expert department of Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS) the patent No.2625880 “Reactor (variants) and method of fault diagnostics and optimization of С3paraffin hydrocarbons dehydrogenation reactor construction” (patent owner is Katalizator JSC) was included into the list of “Advanced Inventions” for 2017.  

This is our second invention which quality has been evaluated by the experts of Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) and FIPS. Thus, in 2016 the patent No.2595341 “Catalyst for isomerization of paraffin hydrocarbons and method of its production” (source link) was included into the list of “Advanced Inventions”. 

From 2007 Rospatent and specialists of FIPS field expert departments have been annually defining inventions with high potential and including them into the list of “Advanced Inventions” evaluating with the highest mark. Additionally they recommend the best inventions owners to be awarded with diplomas of Rospatent. Such awarding is usually held at various events arranged in the framework of International Day of Intellectual Property, andInventor and Rationalizer Day. 

This invention refers to the petrochemical field, i.e. to the devices (reactors, regenerators) with ebullated bed for production of olefins by corresponding paraffins dehydrogenating. The principle of this invention is collecting and processing of information from pressure and temperature sensors situated on devices. Based on correct interpretation of pressure and temperature difference data along device height and area we can receive important information about hydrodynamic situation inside reactor or regenerator. This allows organizing of corrective measures or actions for creation of process modes closed to the modes of perfect extrusion both for catalysts and raw material. Therefore this invention makes possible to improve performance indicators of dehydrogenating processes, and decrease catalysts losses.


22.01.2018  Interview of the General Director of “Katalizator” JSC has been published

On December, 2017 the General Director of “Katalizator” JSC gave an interview to regional business portal “Continent Siberia”. In this interview Vitaliy V. Khan told about his approaches to work and company development perspectives.

Full text of the article is available under


28.12.2017  General Director of JSC "Katalizator" was recognized as "Person of the year"

One of the most popular and authoritative regional business portals “Continent Siberia” organized competition for the title “Person of Year” in production sphere. The winner is General Manager of JSC “Katalizator” – Vitaliy Khan. The analysis was made on the base of statistics from market agencies, opinions of pubic organizations’ leaders, state and business bodies, and representatives of banking sector.

The respondents of “Continent Siberia” stressed such characteristic features of Vitaly Khan as strong personal contribution in achieving of results by company, smart management strategy, new work approaches giving good results, authority and respect by team and professional community.


20.12.2017  The managers of JSC “Katalizator” took part in the conference organized by Gazprom Neft

On the 20th of December, 2017 General Manager and managers of JSC “Katalizator” took part in “Russian oil recycling catalyst – step to future” conference organized by Gazprom Neft, and dedicated to the development of Russian catalyst market. 

The conference placed in St. Petersburg and gathered subject matter experts, representatives of scientific and research institutes, Russian and international companies executing the development of high technological solutions for oil recycling sector, companies – consumers of catalyst products from Russia and CIS. 

The participants discussed the current country situation in the sphere of oil recycling catalyst development and production, perspectives of new production capacities creation, possibilities of catalyst product line enlargement which includes using of innovative approaches as well. 


15.12.2017  “Katalizator” JSC – “The best exporter of Novosibirsk region – 2017”

There was the official ceremony for awarding of awardees of the competition “The best exporter of the Novosibirsk region – 2017” held on December 15th in the small hall of the Government of the Novosibirsk region with the support of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship Development of the region, as well as the Novosibirsk municipal Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Our company “Katalizator” JSC has become the awardee in the nomination “The most dynamically developing exporter” in the competition “The best exporter of the Novosibirsk region – 2017”.


A competition for the rank of the best regional exporter is held in Novosibirsk for the purpose of stimulation of exporting volumes growth, increasing in competitiveness of goods from the region at foreign markets, increasing of the number of exporter organizations of the Novosibirsk region and diversification of export deliveries per countries and product mix. Enterprises operating in such branches as mechanical engineering, power engineering, electrical technologies, mining, processing enterprises, transport and communication and others became participants of the competition.

Participants were estimated by members of the competition committee which included representatives of business, government authorities, public organizations and branch associations as experts. More than 40 companies bid to become “The best exporter” of the region, and 12 enterprises became award winners.


12.12.2017  “Katalizator” JSC hit TOP-5 in the Russia’s fast-growing companies national rating “TECHUP-2017”

On December 12th, 2017 there was the declaration of awardees of the sixth Russia’s fast-growing high-tech companies national rating “TECHUP-2017” organized by the RVС in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Industry Development Fund, the Association of innovative regions of Russia and the National research university “Higher School of Economics”.

Our company took the second place and was entitled as the “Awardee of the Russia’s fast-growing high-tech companies national rating “TECHUP-2017” and hit the TOP-5 companies in the category “LARGE BUSINESS” among enterprises with the income from 2 billion to 30 billion rubles, demonstrating the average annual revenue growth rate at the level of not less than 20% over the last 5 years, and also became the Leader in the Nomination TOP-15 companies having the high export potential in the category “LARGE BUSINESS”.

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