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28.05.2018 The solutions have been found for reducing temperature in homogeneities in isobutane dehydrogenation fluidized bed reactors

Katalizator JSC has been granted two patents for technical solutions addressing the temperature in homogeneities reduction in isobutane dehydrogenation fluidized bed reactors.

As has been mentioned in the recent news on modeling in fluidized bed dehydrogenation processes, radial temperature in homogeneities arise in fluidized bed catalyst units, especially in the reactors and regenerators of isobutane dehydrogenation units for isobutylene production.

Radial temperature in homogeneities may be caused by design defect of sectioning grids or by maldistribution of raw material and/or catalyst. To improve catalyst distribution along the cross section of the unit (reactor or regenerator), the specialists of Department of Chemical Engineering, Katalizator JSC, have found the effective solutions to improve the design of circulating catalyst distributor, which are covered by the following two patents:

  • RU2652198 “Distributor of the catalyst for the reactor-regenerator system of С35 paraffin hydrocarbon dehydration of the fluidized bed”;
  • RU2652195 “Distributor of catalyst and transport gas for the reactor-regenerator system of the С35paraffin hydrocarbon dehydrogenation plants with the fluidized bed”.

The patented solutions allow improving the catalyst distribution, which positively affects the coke burnout and isobutylene yield, and also reduces the specific quantity of the supplied transport gas to 24%; from 79.5 kg to 60.4kg of transport gas per ton of the raw material. The specific value of the circulating catalyst in transport system will be also reduced from 3836 to 3100 tons per square meter/hour, resulting in decreased catalyst loss.