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30.03.2015 Low temperature shift catalyst carbon monoxide

Nowadays we find a large number of applications for supplying catalysts low temperature shift of carbon monoxide

We draw your attention that in range of our products the catalyst AOK 71-22 is represented, which during last couple year’s is successfully used in industrial volumes in aniline synthesis process. Also catalyst AOK 71-22 has passed laboratorial tests on catalytic activity in low temperature shift of carbon monoxide (Novomoskovsk NIIAP) where it has demonstrated the perfect result.

Advantages of AOK 71-22 catalyst:

  • High mechanical strength (it could be kept successfully saves in condition of high increase of temperature in reactor)

  • Thermal stability (if temperature goes high the catalyst saves it catalyst activity in a reaction with a low temperature shift carbon monoxide) More detail information you can enquire tel 383-306-65-72.