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Governor of Novosibirsk Oblast visiting «KATALIZATOR»

Vladimir F. Gorodetsky, Governor of Novosibirsk Oblast visited on March30, 2017 KATALIZATOR Special Design & Engineering Bureau. In the course of his visit, the chief administrator of the region could appraise the progress in the renovation of the office and laboratory building, visited company laboratories, was introduced to the process of development and production of catalysts, catalyst carriersand sorbents for various chemical, petrochemical and other technologies and discussed with General Director Vitaly V. Khan current issues of business and development prospects as regards the development of new products and search for new markets.The chief of the region stressed that the Government of Novosibirsk Oblast would further support such knowledge-based producers as KATALIZATOR Company.

«It was important to see how the support measures applied by the Regional Government for the development of business are implemented. Changes are obvious, the company competitive, developed areas promising from the viewpoint of import substitution as well. It is very important for the region that advanced producers provide new jobs with competitive wagescontributing to social stability and confidence in future», stressed Vladimir Gorodetsky.

It should be noted that the Investment Council with the Governor of Novosibirsk Oblast approved earlier on December 29, 2016 the investment project of «KATALIZATOR», «Implementation of KIT (Catalysts, Engineering, Technologies) Technology Initiative", and decided to include the project into the economy reindustrialization program of Novosibirsk Oblast.

The scope of «Implementation of KIT (Catalysts, Engineering, Technologies) Technology Initiative» includes fundamental renovation of the office and laboratory building that would result in formation of about 40 laboratories with a research and industrial infrastructure completely retrofitted in accordance with the state-of-the-art requirements to ensure efficacy of R&D works in the area of applied catalysis. Besides, it involves commercial production according to international standards of four new catalysts with a high market potential and formation of about50 to 70 hi-tech workplaces and about 150 workplaces in total within the project. The total amount of investments to the project is about 900 million rubles.