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Our Company joins the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS project of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia

As a participant in TechUspekh-2016, a national rating of Russian fast-growing companies, «KATALIZATOR» Company was in December 2016 awarded a Laureate Diploma and included in Top 10 of major Russian companies, Top 15 of rapidly growing companies and Top 10 of companies with a high export potential.

As a result of the competitive selection from the list of TechUspekh winners, KATALIZATOR was also admitted to the Private Hi-TechIndustry Leaders (National Champions) Support Program by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia. Altogether, 30 export-oriented hi-tech Russian companies was selected by the Ministry of Economic Development for participation in the project.

 Project goal:

Ensuring the outrunning growth of domestic private export-oriented hi-tech industry leadersand using them as a foundation for the development of Russia-based transnational corporations. 

             This project is aimed at providing support for companies that have found their market niche owing to hi-tech innovations and have a high export-oriented potential and, last but not least, ambitions for expansion supported by respective humanand technology resources. Additional support of such companies from the government may considerably accelerate their development to the rank of significant players in both international and Russian markets. 

            The project is based on the international practice showing that the formation of big corporations or leaders in particular sectorsseldom does on the worldwide scale without governmental support, and the attention to active promotion of accelerated development of fast-growing hi-tech and innovative medium-size businesses is steadily growing internationally.

1. For a period of 2016 to 2020, the following focus areas are determined in the project:

Determination of support formats for member companies jointly with other interested parties (development agencies, federal executive authorities, financial institutions and other interested counterparties); 

2. Selection of nominees interested in working with project members for inclusion to the list of advisors and training programs;

Furnishing of consultancy and methodical support in the preparation by member companies of strategy projects and business plans;

3. Provision of targeted assistance to member companies to help them in overcoming administrative barriers; 

4. Implementation jointly with member companies of business missions andtraining programs, assistance in raising investments, promotion of the companies through the trade agencies of the Ministry; 

5. Assistance in restoration of infringed right or interests of member companies; 

6. Coordination of the interaction between member companies and the Russian Direct Investment Fund if the Fund's participation is required for implementation of their investment projects;

7. Formation of identification summaries/profiles for international trade projects of member companies and monitoring of implementation of such projects;    

8. Interaction with Russian Export Center if the Center's participation is required for implementation of international trade projects of member companies.

 The project should result in achievement at the end of 2020 of target figures listed below: 

- Growth four times of the hi-tech export volume for at least 15 member companies;

-  Achievement of an annual sales volume of at least one billion US dollars by at least two member companies;

-  Achievement of an annual sales volume of at least 500 million US dollars by at least 10 member companies.

The executive and engineering staff of «KATALIZATOR» Special Design & Engineering Bureau are intensively working to reach the above goals.