A New Step Towards Ecological Well-being


A New Step Towards Ecological Well-being

SKTB Katalizator JSC has been developing and producing catalysts, adsorbents and carriers for over 50 years, and also offers effective catalytic solutions for industrial ecology, taking appropriate care of the environment state. Our catalysts address global environmental challenges by reducing the carbon footprint coming from industrial sources.

SKTB Katalizator JSC has taken a new step towards environmental improvement by obtaining a Russian patent for a new invention «A catalytic element of a regular cellular structure for heterogeneous reactions".

The technical result of the proposed solution is the development of monolith honeycomb catalytic elements for heterogeneous reactions made from a catalytically active mass with high thermal stability, mechanical strength while maintaining high activity and the development of a method for their production.

The invention is intended for the processes of cleaning waste gases of enterprises, selective reduction of nitrogen and oxygen oxides, ozone decomposition. For example, the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) effectively proceeds in the stationary layer of the monolith catalyst AOK 75-60 already at 250oC, even at space velocity> 30,000 h-1, and the catalyst contains no precious metals.

All of the above mentioned invention features make it possible to significantly expand the use of monolith honeycomb catalysts in various chemical processes.


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