Process Audit of Isobutane Dehydrogenation Unit Performed


Process Audit of Isobutane Dehydrogenation Unit Performed

Isobutane dehydrogenation unit was successfully inspected by Chemical Engineering Department of JSC SKTB Katalizator.

Currently, the fluidized bed process over chromia-alumina microspheric catalyst is the top isobutane dehydrogenation process in Russia.

Despite the disadvantages of this process (catalyst loss on attrition, complicated process control, repeated coking, etc.), it became a frequent practice providing essential advantages against competing catalytic dehydrogenation processes, i.e.:

  • Maintaining close to isothermal conditions due to rapid mixing in the fluidized bed reactors;

  • Apparent heat and mass transfer enhancement throughout the fluidized bed;

  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX;

  • Low cost of the final product.

The unit efficiency can be easily boosted by reducing significantly or nullifying disadvantages of above challenging process:

  • Reduce catalyst loss;

  • Reduce coking and coke formation on the reactor walls;

  • Increase isobutylene yield;

  • Decrease flow rate by using catalyst with improved particle size distribution.

The process audit of one of the Russian dehydrogenation units was aimed at detailed studying and simulating the unit operation. Based on these calculations and mathematical modeling, possible solutions will be provided to improve operational efficiency and increase production profitability.

Today, the experts of Chemical Engineering Department of JSC SKTB Katalizator have a full set of competencies and resources that enable them to offer a technical solution providing significant improvement of the technology and design of the reactor and regenerator internals, reduced catalyst rate and enhanced stability of the process. These technical solutions are currently protected by 19 Russian and 4 international patents.

Please contact (383) 363-76-59 or for more details on our engineering services for fluidized-bed isobutane dehydrogenation.

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