Mission & Values


  • Achieve top position in catalyst industry as a global and national provider of catalysts, catalytic technologies, and engineering services.


  • Continuously improving the quality of our products to meet all the requirements of our customers anticipating their expectations is our main approach to accomplish the Mission.



  • LEADERSHIP. We are striving for leading position in the global catalyst industry.


  • COMPETENCE. Katalizator JSC is one of the best Russian teams in development and manufacturing catalysts for commercial applications, with unique experience in technology implementation.


  • ASSISTANCE. We are committed to the top service standards at all stages of cooperation.


  • RELIABILITY. Supervision is provided at all stages of manufacturing and control of the products to ensure consistent high quality of every batch.


  • CUSTOMER FOCUS. Our customer-oriented processes involve development, manufacturing and sales. Our products and services are closely related to the requirements of our customers. Package solutions are developed on a custom-tailored basis to meet specific features and needs to provide efficient solutions for any production challenges.  


  • UP-TO-DATENESS. We are constantly monitoring the advances in catalytic technologies and committed to development and implementation of the newest and highly effective products.


  • SUCCESSFULNESS. The success of our partners rests on our highly efficient solutions.