ICT-12-40 (Z2) alumina-supported manganese oxide catalyst

ICT-12-40 (Z2) alumina-supported manganese oxide catalyst



Applied for removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC), combustion of organic compounds and carbon monoxide in industrial tail gases and methane in mine gases.
  • Paint and varnish industry;
  • Furniture industry;
  • Wood industry;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Automobile industry;
  • Manufacturing of plasticizers, adhesive tape, phenol-formaldehyderesin, polyethylene foam, etc.

Advantages and Features

  • High catalytic activity at high temperatures (700оС and up);
  • High thermal stability (up to 1000оС);
  • Lifetime is 5 years and more;
  • Resistant to catalytic poisons, including chlorine-, fluorine-, sulfur-containing compounds;
  • No noble metals in catalyst composition;
  • Can be operated both at steady-state and non-steady state conditions (reverse process);
  • More than 18 years of production experience.


Parameter Standard
АМ-1 АМ-2 АМ-3
Shape Ring Cylinder
Color Brown, gray shade is allowed
Pellet size, mm:      
outer diameter 10±2 15±2 4.0±1.5
wall thickness 3.0±0.5 3.5±0.5 -
length 10±2 15±3 15±10

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