Why Do Our Products Meet The Customer High-Level Requirements? Part 2.


Why Do Our Products Meet The Customer High-Level Requirements? Part 2.

We continue the series of articles about why our products meet the highest requirements of customers and today we would like to introduce you to our sample preparation approach for analysis.

The fact is that perfect preparation of guaranteed representative samples is one of the essential conditions of precise analysis for catalysts and adsorbents. This is particularly significant when analyzing samples of commercial batches, where any error can result in considerable material costs and loss of reputation.

Traditional dividing methods such as coning and quartering do not provide enough accuracy for modern laboratory analysis. The use of eccentric rotating sample dividers also does not allow for high-quality sample division, because if the material segregates on the vibratory feeder, it causes falsified results.

The technical solution applied by the experts of SKTB Katalizator with the use of Rotary Cone Sample Divider LABORETTE 27 (Fritsch GmbH, Germany): the feed funnel guides the sample material centered onto the top of the rotating cone. The rapid rotation of the cone accelerates the sample material outwards along its surface and divides it through up to guiding channels into chemically and physically precisely identical subsamples.

This approach provides 99.9% division accuracy for representative division of both pulverized and microspherical carriers and catalysts. LABORETTE 27 offers sample division with up to 3,000 dividing steps per minute and variable division ratios for samples volume from a few ml to 1000 ml.

The instrumentation pool of SKTB Katalizator offers a full range of catalyst and adsorbents testing in strict adherence to international standards, yet we keep track of recent trends to ensure quality compliance of our products with the customer’s highest requirements.

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