Alumina АОК-63-22


Gas drying

Product Type

Alumina for air drying, methane (LNG), propane-butane, inert and process gases. It is also used for drying transformer oils and fine drying of organic liquids (benzene, xylene, cyclohexane). Adsorbent is top-requested in chemical, gas processing, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Alumina AOK-63-22 pellets of various shapes (cylinder, ring, sphere) are available and can be applied as a catalyst support, guard bed or active bed support.


Alumina АОК-63-22 is effectively used in process air drying in compressor units and natural gas drying equipment upstream liquefaction. AOK-63-22 is also applied for purification of nitrogen, helium, argon, carbon dioxide, acetylene.

Alumina is used as fixed beds to be loaded into adsorbers that work alternately (adsorption/regeneration). The variety of AOK-63-22 shapes enables to select the optimal adsorbent loading in terms of the degree of drying and hydraulic resistance of the bed.

AOK-63-22 is also used for removal of oxidation products from organic liquids (benzene, xylene, kerosene, CCl4, hexane, pentane), oils from and as a static adsorbent during the preservation of equipment.

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