Oxidation of VOC, СО, СH4

Testing catalyst activity for complete oxidation of carbon monoxide, methane and various VOC is carried out according to approved test methods. The reaction rate of the oxidized reagent at a certain temperature is taken as a measure of catalytic activity.

Catalyst testing is carried out in catalytic units operated under flow through or flow-circulating conditions. The measurement of the fixed-bed catalyst is performed under isothermal conditions at atmospheric pressure. Testing of catalyst fraction from 0.25 to 0.50 mm and single-pellet testing are available for cylinders, rings, spheres, and honeycomb monolith catalysts.

By agreement with the customer, it is possible to determine the kinetic parameters of deep oxidation reactions for carbon monoxide, methane and volatile organic compounds, for example, reaction constants, activation energies.

The acquired data enable to determine the loading and optimal process conditions for catalyst commercial application.

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