Refining and Petrochemicals

  • Process audit (study) of unit, testing of applied catalysts performance and recommendation of optimal catalyst ensuring process efficiency;
  • Basic and Detailed Engineering for revamping/optimization of the unit and supervision of revamping, start-up and operation of the unit;
  • Wide range of in-house catalysts providing customer-tailored and optimal solutions for handling refining and petrochemical challenges.   

Refining and Petrochemicals Challenges    Our Solutions  
Light naphtha isomerization 
АОК-72-55 catalyst
Dehydrogenation of paraffins in a fluidized bed
АОК-73-24, АОК-73-24 (RF) and АОК-73-21 catalysts
Methyl mercaptan synthesis in methionine production process
ICT-31-1 catalyst
Conversion of dimethyl sulfide to methyl mercaptan in methionine production process
ICT-32-1 catalyst
Aniline synthesis and low-temperature CO shift conversion  АОК-71-22 copper chromium zinc catalyst
Gas drying, oil purification (removal of oxygenates) and equipment preservation
  • АОК-63-22 alumina dryer and catalyst support
  • АОК-63-22С alumina dryer
  • АОК-63-22К alumina



Dryers and Supports


Organic Synthesis

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We have advanced research
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It allows us to produce
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and sustainable high quality.


We audit your assembly and
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supervision of technology.