Sulfur Removal

  • Process audit (study) of sulfur recovery unit and recommendations on process optimization;
  • Development of solutions for reactor loading, supervision at stages of catalyst loading/unloading, start-up and shutdown of sulfur recovery unit;
  • Testing of catalyst physicochemical properties and performance before-and-after service using advanced scientific instrumentation;
  • Manufacturing and supply of in-house catalyst package.

Sulfur Removal Challenges Our Solutions  
Purification of natural and industrial gases from hydrogen sulfide and sulfur compounds for production of sulfur as a finished commercial product 
Applying the optimal catalyst package selected from the following portfolio:   
  • АОК-75-46 titanium dioxide catalysts (A, B and V grades)   
  • АОК-78-59 conventional alumina catalyst   
  • АОК-78-61 alumina catalyst   
  • АОК-75-33 alumina catalyst   
  • АОК-75-44 alumina catalyst
Increasing sulfur recovery efficiency

АОК-75-46 Claus titanium dioxide catalyst

АОК-78-59 alumina spherical Claus reaction catalyst, catalyst support

АОК-75-33 oxygen scavenger to protect Claus catalysts against sulfate poisoning

АОК-78-61 Claus alumina spherical catalyst for support layer

АОК-75-44 Claus catalyst for selective oxidation of hydrogen sulfide to sulfur