Selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides

Removal of NOx from industrial gases by selective catalytic reduction (SCR, DeNOx) at enterprisers manufacturing and/or using nitric acid.
Ammonia is used as a reducing agent, and the catalyst is vanadium oxide supported on the aluminium oxide.
4NO + 4NH3 + О2= 4N2 + 6H2O
6NO2 + 8 NH3 = 7N2 + 12H2O

Selective reduction of nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2) by ammonia result in formation of nitrogen (N2) and water, harmless to the environment.

SKTB Katalizator produces alumina vanadium catalyst with improved activity and mechanical strength. Tail gas treatment over AOK-78-55 catalyst provides removal efficiency up to 99%.

Technical advisory services will be provided for the supplied catalyst АОК-78-55 throughout the entire operation cycle. Development of design basis (FEED) while launching new DeNOx units or revamping existing gas purifiers.

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Technologies and Materials

Catalyst АОК-78-55