Catalyst АОК-78-55


Selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides (DeNOx) by ammonia

Product Type

Alumina vanadium catalyst for nitrogen oxides (NOx) removal from offgases and tail gas emissions. Catalyst АОК-78-55 has been used for more than 20 years in chemical industry, nitric acid manufacturing (for fertilizer manufacturing application, etc.). Alumina vanadium catalyst is also applied in industrial nitrous gas emissions abatement - catalyst production and high temperature furnace applications.

Catalyst АОК-78-55 is available in cylinder and ring extrudates.


Catalyst АОК-78-55 operates as a fixed bed both in gas purifiers for atmospheric nitric acid production plants (AK 3,5) and pressure plants (UCL). The catalyst can be used in other specially designed devices for neutralizing nitrogen oxides.

Selective reduction of nitrogen oxides proceeds according to the following reactions:

4NO + 4 NH3 + О2= 4N2 + 6H2O

6NO2 + 8 NH3 = 7N2 + 12 H2O

The reactions are exothermic and require temperature control to be carried out in the area of maximum efficiency.

The variety of catalyst shapes allows you to select the optimal catalyst loading in terms of removal efficiency and bed hydraulic resistance. Tailoring the optimal loading of the catalyst enables to achieve optimal ammonia consumption and significant cost advantages.

The high content of the catalyst active component effectively reduces the concentration of nitrogen oxides in gas flow with a concentration of more than 0.01%, - up to removal efficiency 99%.

Engineering Services

  • - Calculation of the loading and characteristics of the catalyst bed
  • - Minimization of reducing agent (ammonia) consumption
  • - Supervision of catalyst loading
  • - Measuring physico-chemical characteristics and performance of the catalyst samples taken during the operation cycle
  • - Development of engineering solutions over АОК-78-55 (Basis of Design) and author’s supervision
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