Catalytic oxidation of VOC and CO

Catalytic oxidation provides efficient removal of toxic or potentially explosive volatile organic substances (VOCs) – organic vapors, solvents, carbon monoxide, methane from оffgases. Atmospheric oxygen is used as an oxidizer, and the catalysts are manganese, copper, chromium oxides incorporated in alumina matrix.

As a result of complete (deep) oxidation of VOC and CO, the safest compounds are formed – carbon dioxide (CO2) and water.
CxHyOz + О2= CO2 + H2O

Katalizator SKTB produces highly active oxidation catalysts of various composition and shapes, which are designed for efficient operation in certain temperature ranges. Applying emission purification technologies over our catalysts, it is possible to provide removal efficiency up to 99%.

Technical advisory services will be provided for the supplied catalysts for the complete oxidation of volatile organic substances and CO throughout the entire operation cycle. Development of design basis (FEED) while launching new VOC and CO treatment plants or revamping existing gas purifiers.

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