Catalyst АОК-78-52 VOC


Catalytic oxidation of VOC and СО

Product Type

Copper oxide catalyst is intended for tail gas treatment in chemical industry in combination with catalysts ICT-12-8 and ICT-12-40. Catalyst АОК-78-52 ensures activity in deep (complete) oxidation of organic compounds and carbon monoxide (CO). The copper oxide catalyst features a low temperature of the oxidation reaction and is applied as an ignition layer for manganese and copper-chromium oxide catalysts.

Catalyst АОК-78-52 is available in cylinder extrudates.


Catalyst АОК-78-52 operates as a fixed bed in catalytic and thermocatalytic VOC and Co oxidizers. Due to the low temperature of oxidation reactions over a copper oxide catalyst, the scope of application of the main treatment catalysts is expanding – medium-temperature ICT-12-8 and high-temperature ICT-12-40, AOK-75-50.

Engineering Services

Calculation of the loading and characteristics of the catalyst bed Supervision of catalyst loading Catalyst operation lifetime monitoring Measuring physico-chemical characteristics and performance of the catalyst samples taken during the operation cycle Development of engineering solutions over metal oxide catalysts (Basis of Design) and author’s supervision
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