Catalyst ICT-12-40


Catalytic oxidation of VOC and CO

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Alumina-supported manganese oxide is intended for emission treatment in wood and chemical industries. Catalyst ICT-12-40 ensures activity in complete oxidation of carbon monoxide (CO ), volatile organic compounds (VOC) and methane. More than 30 years of successful application in regenerative thermal oxidizers.

Catalyst ICT-12-40 is available in cylinder and ring extrudates. Alumina-supported manganese oxide catalyst versions with reduced hydraulic resistance and monolith catalysts have been developed and produced.


Catalyst ICT-12-40 is used as a fixed bed in the reactors of modified regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) operating in the reverse mode. The replacement of a part of the random ceramic packing of the RTO (saddle) reduces the operating temperature of the process and reduces the formation of nitrogen oxides. The use of a catalyst can significantly cut down fuel costs (natural gas). The catalyst can also be applied in steady-state once-through catalytic oxidation reactors.

Reactions of complete (deep) oxidation of volatile organic compounds, CO and methane proceed with the release of heat and the formation of the following products:

CxHyOz + О2= CO2 + H2O

The variety of shapes of alumina manganese oxide catalysts allows you to select the optimal catalyst loading in terms of removal efficiency and bed hydraulic resistance.


  • - Calculation of the loading and characteristics of the catalyst bed
  • - Supervision of catalyst loading
  • - Catalyst operation lifetime monitoring
  • - Measuring physico-chemical characteristics and performance of the catalyst samples taken during the operation cycle
  • - Development of engineering solutions over ICT-12-40 (Basis of Design) and author’s supervision
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