Cooperation with authors

We invite authors and perspective developers of inventions and/or know-how to cooperate with us under the contract basis. The aim of this cooperation is development of new directions, new ideas and scientific research work which have business perspectives and comply with company priority development courses.

Katalizator JSC is a fast-growing high technological company developing and producing catalysts, adsorbents, carriers for catalysts, catalytic technologies and engineering solutions for catalytic processes. We are interested in new inventions according to the company field, and in attraction of highly qualified developers for cooperation with us.

From 2016 Katalizator JSC has been executing program aimed for in-depth modernization of home research basis and equipping with modern laboratory and analytical equipment. It will allow creation of comfortable conditions for executing of research and development work according to the world standards. Working in our company you will be able to make a contribution to increase competitiveness of national scientific and technological inventions in the global market. You will have an opportunity to influence development of Russian catalysts and catalytic technologies able to replace foreign counterparts.

We guarantee:

  • providing you with material and technical resources, respectable salary, favorable conditions for working under new inventions, know-how, utility models and/or industrial samples;
  • payment of royalty fee to author or group of co-authors within all time of invention commercial using (including right inheritance) apart from patent duration under transparent and fixed rules;
  • payment of extra allowance for author’s supervision over invention using.

We are waiting the following information from you:

  • presentation of your project;
  • analysis of demand for product and its competitive advantages.

Dear authors,

If you have any suggestions please contact our Business Development Director by email

Please provide us with your name, telephone number, project name and its description or brief presentation.

Thank you for cooperation

With best regards, Katalizator JSC