CET Investment Project

Since 2016, JSC SKTB Katalizator has been carrying out a series of investment projects for Implementing CET (Catalysts, Engineering, Technologies) Technology Initiative . The project is being implemented with support of the Government of Novosibirsk Region and the Government of the Russian Federation. The project was approved by the Investment Council under Governor of the Novosibirsk Region and included in Akademgorodok 2.0 Program as one of priority projects.
The project purpose is to establish as part of JSC SKTB Katalizator:

  • world-class research and technology center for applied catalysis to develop advanced catalysts and adsorbents, scale-up the process technologies and expand the range of high-tech engineering services intended for catalyst industrial applications
  • high-tech production site for manufacturing petrochemical and environmental catalysts

Investment Projects Implementation Timeline: 2016-2026

1.1. CET Implementation Timeline: 2016-2021
Concept: total reconstruction of the office & laboratory building including establishment of about 40 laboratories with complete technical retrofitting of research and engineering infrastructure to meet the world standards. Goal: establishing a research and technology center for development of advanced catalysts and adsorbents as part of JSC SKTB Katalizator. The project is included into Novosibirsk Region Economy Reindustrialization Program up to 2025 and Akademgorodok 2.0 Program as one of priority projects. JSC SKTB Katalizator will invest about 900 mln rubles VAT inclusive into the project. CET results:
• development and commercial production of a thermally stable catalyst for dehydrogenation of isobutane to isobutylene in a fluidized bed, alumina and titania Claus catalyst;
• new research laboratories with total area over 3000 m2 including common facilities are launched or at the final stage of launching;
• area of renovated office & laboratory premises including common facilities is over 10, 000 m2;
• 62 new jobs created;
• government support actually received for the project – 36.4 million rubles.

1.2 CET-2. Implementation Timeline: 2020-2023
• creating physical infrastructure to scale up environmental catalysts;
• full renovation of catalyst testing building to accommodate new catalyst testing equipment.
• creating testing facilities for development of new catalysts;
• expanding the engineering expertise to support processes covered by the supplied catalysts;
• establishing production section to scale up environmental catalysts (including monolithic catalysts).
Total project investments of JSC SKTB Katalizator including Industrial Fund Investments will amount to about 400 million rubles .

1.3 CET-3. Implementation Timeline: 2021-2025
Concept: Construction of up-to-date manufacturing and storage facility with area 13,000 m2.
• increase production capacity for small-scale production of top-requested manganese, copper, chromium catalysts for environmental applications;
• manufacturing environmental monolithic catalysts due to surge in demand associated with tightening environmental standards.
Total project investments of JSC SKTB Katalizator including Industrial Fund Investments will amount to about 1200 million rubles .

1.4 CET-4. Implementation Timeline: 2023-2026
Concept: Complete reconstruction of catalyst production building with retrofitting of production lines intended for manufacturing the whole range of products.
Goal: production ramp up.
Total investments will be assessed upon completing design estimation documentation.