Catalyst АОК-75-60


Catalytic oxidation of VOC and CO.

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Alumina manganese oxide catalyst is designed for emission treatment of enterprises processing wood and producing slab materials (chipboard, plywood) and chemical industries. Catalyst АОК-75-60 ensures activity in oxidation of carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds and methane.

Catalyst АОК-75-60 is a honeycomb monolith. The internal structure of the catalyst, consisting of parallel channels, ensures low resistance to gas flow and allows processing significant volumes of gases.


Catalyst АОК-75-60 is used to replace irregular heat exchange honeycomb packing in RTO, regenerative thermic oxidizers (RTO) operating in reverse mode. Partial replacement of the ceramic packing reduces the operating temperature and prevents nitrogen oxides formation. This catalyst is especially effective for the oxidation of gas emissions containing VOCs and CO in a concentration insufficient for oxidation under autothermal conditions.

The catalyst is also applied in the fixed bed of one-through catalytic and thermocatalytic oxidation reactors.

Reactions of complete (deep) oxidation of volatile organic compounds, CO, CH4 proceed with the release of heat and the formation of the following products:

CxHyOz + О2= CO2 + H2O

The variety of shapes of alumina manganese catalysts allows you to select the optimal catalyst loading in terms of removal efficiency and bed hydraulic resistance.


  • - Calculation of the loading and characteristics of the catalyst bed
  • - Supervision of catalyst loading
  • - Catalyst operation lifetime monitoring
  • - Measuring physico-chemical characteristics and performance of the catalyst samples taken during the operation cycle
  • - Development of engineering solutions over АОК-75-60 (Basis of Design) and author’s supervision
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