Catalyst ICT-12-8


Catalytic oxidation of VOC and CO

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Alumina copper chromium catalyst is intended for emission treatment in petrochemical, paint & vanish and other chemical industries. Catalyst ICT-12-8 ensures activity in complete (deep) oxidation of oxygen-containing organic compounds and hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide (CO) and methane. More than 30 years of successful application in gas treatment units.

ICT-12-8 catalyst is available in cylinder and ring extrudates. Alumina-copper-chromium containing catalyst versions with reduced hydrodynamic resistance have been developed and produced.


Catalyst ICT-12-8 is used as a fixed bed in the reactors for oxidation of organic compounds contained in ventilation streams and blow-offs from the process equipment. Alumina copper chromium catalyst can be also used in gas treatment units based on the reverse process and in thermocatalytic plants.

Reactions of complete (deep) oxidation of volatile organic compounds and CO proceed with the release of heat and the formation of the following products:

CxHyOz + О2= CO2 + H2O

The variety of catalyst shapes allows you to select the optimal catalyst loading in terms of removal efficiency and bed hydraulic resistance. The high content of the active component in the ICT-12-8 catalyst effectively reduces the concentration of VOCs in gas streams providing up to 99% of the removal efficiency.


  • - Calculation of the loading and characteristics of the catalyst bed
  • - Supervision of catalyst loading
  • - Catalyst operation lifetime monitoring
  • - Measuring physico-chemical characteristics and performance of the catalyst samples taken during the operation cycle
  • - Development of engineering solutions over ICT-12-8 (Basis of Design) and author’s supervision
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