Catalyst АОК-75-33


Hydrogen sulfide oxidation (Claus Process)

Product Type

Catalyst is applied for hydrogen sulfide removal from natural and industrial gases in refineries and gas plants, petrochemicals and metal manufacturing. Iron-bearing catalyst АОК-75-33 (oxygen scavenger) protects active bed alumina catalyst against sulfate poisoning and ensures high performance in main Claus reaction.

Catalyst АОК-75-33 is available in spheres with average diameter 5 mm.


Catalyst АОК-75-33 is applied at Claus sulfur recovery units (SRU) as the fixed bed to protect active bed alumina catalyst against sulfate poisoning and extend the service life of Claus alumina catalyst.

Engineering Services

SRU Performance analysis Calculation of H2S conversion rate for thermal and catalytic stages Providing recommendations on optimal plant operating conditions Tailoring optimal catalyst loading Investigation on physico-chemical and catalytic performance of the fresh and spent catalysts Supervision of catalyst loading SRU operation lifetime monitoring
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