Catalyst АОК-75-46


Oxidation of hydrogen sulfide to sulfur (Claus process), hydrogenolysis of organosulfur compounds

Product Type

Titanium dioxide catalyst is used as a base catalyst for acid gas treatment in refining and gas processing industry, petrochemicals and metal manufacturing. More than 8 years of commercial experience.

Catalyst АОК-75-46 is available in cylinder extrudates.


Catalyst АОК-75-46 is applied as the fixed bed at various Claus sulfur recovery units (SRU). Titanium dioxide catalyst, loaded into the first reactor, significantly extends the service life of the catalytic system. Applying AOK-75-46 in SRU II and III reactors ensures the maximum service life of the catalyst.

Engineering Services

SRU Performance analysis Calculation of H2S conversion rate for thermal and catalytic stages Providing recommendations on optimal plant operating conditions Tailoring optimal catalyst loading Investigation on physico-chemical and catalytic performance of the fresh and spent catalysts Supervision of catalyst loading SRU operation lifetime monitoring
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