Catalyst АОК-75-44


Selective oxidation of hydrogen sulfide to sulfur

Product Type

Iron-containing catalyst for selective (direct) oxidation of hydrogen sulfide to sulfur for H2S removal from gases of different origin in oil and gas production, refineries and gas plants, metal manufacturing. Catalyst АОК-75-44 is designed for Claus tail gas treatment. H2S selective oxidation catalyst may be applied for treating low-sulfur natural and associated petroleum gases, industrial gas emissions in chemical industry, biogas production. More than 12 years of commercial experience.

Catalyst АОК-75-44 is available in shape of cylinder extrudates.


Catalyst АОК-75-44 operates as a fixed bed. Treatment of acid gases is based on selective oxidation of hydrogen sulfide into sulfur


H2S + 1/2O2 = S + H2O


The reaction is exothermic and proceeds over the catalyst with high selectivity in the temperature range 220-280 ° C. To ensure the optimal temperature regime of the catalyst, it is necessary to ensure reliable heat removal.


One stage treatment in a fixed bed catalytic reactor is applied for gases with hydrogen sulfide concentration up to 2 vol. %. Treatment in series reactors (or in a multiple section reactor) is applied for gas with hydrogen sulfide content 2 vol.% with a portion supply of oxygen to each reactor.

Engineering Services

SRU performance analysis Calculation of H2S conversion rate for thermal and catalytic stages Providing recommendations on optimal plant operating conditions Tailoring optimal catalyst loading Investigation on physico-chemical and catalytic performance of the fresh and spent catalysts Supervision of catalyst loading SRU operation lifetime monitoring
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