Catalyst АОК-72-55


Low temperature isomerization of light naphtha (С5-С6).

Product Type

Platinum-based catalyst for light naphtha low-temperature isomerization is applied in refining for production of Euro-5 fuels. Catalyst AOK-72-55 allows increasing the octane rating from 63-68 to 91-92 RON.

AOK-72-55 is based on sulfated zirconia to provide the target acidity and distribution of the active component. Catalyst features high stability of operation and extended lifetime (8-12 years).

Catalyst АОК-72-55 is available in the form of cylindrical extrudates.


Catalyst AOK-72-55 is used as a fixed bed in one-, two- and three-reactor circuits of isomerization units. The catalyst can be operated most effectively in isomerization recycle plants.

Catalyst AOK-72-55 is operated within low-temperature range (130-180 °C) and is more advantageous for naphthenic ring-opening, providing higher isomerization recycle plant performance. АОК-72-55 is also effective for benzene removal.

AOK-72-55 can be used as alternative to chlorinated and zeolite isomerization catalysts. Moreover, the switching from a chlorinated isomerization catalyst to a zirconium sulfate does not require a major modification in the plant process flow or the purchase of extra equipment.

Engineering Services

Process audit of existing commercial isomerization units; issuing recommendations on performance improvement Development of process operating procedures for unit operation Pre-production technical assistance (pre-commissioning, catalyst loading and activation), supervision during startup until the regular working mode is achieved Monitoring of the process unit operation Development of technical reports on operation of the process units with issuing the recommendations on further effective operation
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