New Patent Granted


New Patent Granted

On August 19, JSC SKTB Katalizator received a Russian patent No. 2753669 for a new invention “Catalyst for heterogenous reactions with reduced hydraulic resistance of the layer” (Authors: Anatolij Abramov, Olga Klimova, Artem Myz).

The invention relates to the technology for preparing catalysts intended for conducting heterogeneous catalytic reactions occurring in a fixed (stationary) layer of the catalyst. Described is a catalyst for heterogeneous reactions including deep oxidation of hydrocarbons and CO, in the form of a “ring-block”, “ring in ring” (Fig. 1). The technical result is the development of catalysts, carriers for catalysts with low bulk weight, high strength and wear resistance, with an optimal granule structure providing lower hydraulic resistance of the catalyst layer to high gas flow, and the development of method for production thereof.

Due to the optimal granule structure, the concentrations of the reacting substances are mixed and equalised, the power efficiency is increased due to the optimized heat transfer in the layer, which ultimately increases the reliability of the units for catalytic abatement of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

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