Catalyst АОК-73-24


Dehydrogenation of lower paraffin hydrocarbons

Product Type

Microspherical chromia-alumina catalyst is applied in petrochemicals to produce monomers for synthetic rubber and methyl tertbutyl ether (MTBE) synthesis. Catalyst АОК-73-24 shows high activity in dehydrogenation of isobutane into isobutylene.


Catalyst AOK-73-24 is applied in a fluidized bed. The isobutane-isobutylene fraction is used as a feed. The dehydrogenation reaction is endothermic and is carried out at a temperature of 540-610°C.

The dehydrogenation section consists of a dehydrogenation reactor and a regenerator. The catalyst circulates between reactor and regenerator. The catalyst is regenerated by coke burning-off.

Engineering Services

Process audit of existing dehydrogenation units; issuing recommendations on performance improvement Basic Process Design Development of process operating procedures for unit operation Pre-production technical assistance (pre-commissioning, catalyst loading and activation), supervision during startup until the regular working mode is achieved Monitoring of the isomerization unit operation Development of technical reports on operation of the process units with issuing the recommendations on further effective operation
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