Catalyst АОК-71-31


Inert gas blanketing (natural gas conversion)

Product Type

Alumina-nickel-magnesium catalyst is designed for natural gas conversion for inert gas blanketing. АОК-71-31 is applied for thermochemical treatment of parts in automobile manufacturing to prevent metal surface from oxidizing.

The catalyst is available in the form of spheres with a diameter of less than 1 mm.


AOK-71-31 catalyst is used as an active consumable for equipment for thermal and chemical-thermal treatment of metal parts made of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and various alloys.

The catalyst is loaded into special furnaces and during operation remains in a fluidized state (fluidized bed) - suspended catalyst particles are in constant motion and form a homogeneous medium in temperature and composition. To form a reducing atmosphere, a mixture of fuel gas and air is fed into the furnace to be converted by the AOK-71-31 catalyst into hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

Metal parts are immersed in the fluidized bed of the AOK-71-31 catalyst and kept in it for the required time. Caused by the mechanical action of catalyst particles, the metal surfaces of the parts are cleaned of scale and then undergo chemical and thermal treatment.

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