Adsorbent АОК-63-32


VOC and СО adsorption

Product Type

Carbon-alumina adsorbent is intended for organic compounds removal from industrial emissions and solvent vapor trapping. Efficient in removal of VOC from low-range gas streams. Applied in gas plants, petrochemicals, nitrogen production and pharmaceuticals, electronics and waste treatment plants.

Adsorbent АОК-63-32 is available in cylinders and rings.


АОК-63-32 it is used as fixed beds in adsorbers. The gas stream containing VOCs flows through the sorbent bed. After saturation of the adsorbent, the concentrated compounds can be desorbed by a stream of hot gas (nitrogen, air) and further oxidized at catalytic or thermocatalytic plants, or separated into a valuable product.

The application of a regeneration scheme (2-3 adsorbers) ensures continuous operation and minimal capital and operating costs for the treatment system.

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