Dehydrogenation of lower paraffin hydrocarbons

Testing activity and selectivity of alkane dehydrogenation catalysts


Dehydrogenation of lower alkanes C3-C5

Description and Features

Catalytic units allow measuring conversion and selectivity of dehydrogenation catalysts in both fixed-bed and fluidized-bed reactors within the temperature range up to 650оС. Catalyst performance is tested in flow reactors under isothermal conditions at atmospheric pressure.

The testing equipment of the SKTB Katalizator enables to study the aging processes of dehydrogenation catalysts in a fixed-bed reactor. Aging refers to the processes occurring with the catalyst when exposed to water vapor, repeated exposure to redox environment at elevated temperature. Above conditions make it possible to simulate the load of long-term commercial operation and acquire information about changes in the structure and properties of the catalyst.

The obtained data allow us to calculate consumption rates and optimal process parameters for catalyst commercial industrial application.

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